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Are you tired of not earning enough money from your business to solve your problems? Tired of working so hard yet nothing much to show for it? Struggling to make sales and get customers? If you answer yes to even one of these questions. Then pay attention to every single word on this page. Because you're about to discover a MOVE that will increase the amount in your bank account. My hardworking friend,If you're attentive to what's happening recently You must have figured out that the world is going into one of the worst recessions ever seen.

The prices of gas and everything is so high.
Companies are already letting some of their employees go.
You must have noticed subtle hints of the recession in the news.
Stocks are down.
  1. You have money this minute, and the next minute you have spent almost everything. It's time to work smarter. Listen, if the money that leaves your pocket, bag, or bank account… is greater than the amount that comes into your account… I'm sorry to say this, but you're in trouble. Even if you decide to cut down on expenses, but your income isn't growing That is NOT good. It's time to change your strategy. You can't be doing the same thing and expect different results. You can't afford that risk at this critical time. That is why you need to undergo the 3x challenge. In this challenge, you discover how TOP business owners get consistent sales, and make more money Even during the recession. This is not a class or workshop where you come and learn and learn. Enough of the learning. It's time for practical action. This is what the 3x challenge is for. Every day for 5 days, you will be given a proven strategy that you will implement in your business immediately. That's why I advise, if you're lazy and not ready to put in the work Leave this page right now..

Who is the challenge for ?

  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales Person
  • If you are not reaching your income goals

Would like to reach up to $100,000=10M in 2022. If you feel like you have plateaued and would like to triple your revenue.

Here's the outline of what the 5 days challenge will look like

Day 01
The Freedom And Your Customer Avatar.
What does it mean for you to grow your sales from X to 2X,3X ……….20X? You do not sell because you think that everyone is your customer. We shall help you identify the customer you need to be serving and attract them to you.
Lessions 1
Day 02
The Surprising Math And Lead Generation.
You will discover the surprising math that makes all the difference in your sales business. So long as you have no leads, your business is dying. You will discover 3 quick ways to generate leads and keep growing.
Lessions 2
Day 03
The 64/4 Rule, Customer Discovery.
How to create the exact Offers that your clients want. When you know this, you’ll never worry about: - No sales, No money in the bank, recession… Because this is the secret to unlocking daily sales.
Lessions 3
Day 04
Objection Handling And The 20X Blueprint.
How to handle customer objections like an expert. A lot of people lose money because they can't handle objections. When your customer says "it's expensive"…"I will get back to you"... "I need more time to think"... Do you know how to turn it into a sale? In the challenge, you'll discover how.
Lessions 4
Day 05
What Next? Close The Sale.
How to ask for the money: This is where so many entrepreneurs mess up the whole sales process. You'll discover how I ask for the money, that makes my clients willing to pay me more.
Lessions 5

How the challenge works.

  1. 1

    About 40 minutes of training everyday.

  2. 3

    Homework assignment each day to begin applying the lessons.

  3. 3

    Live Q&A everyday for another 20 minutes.

  4. 4

    Accountability with community by leaving comments and sharing your goals.


Spend your 5k on another expense that would keep reducing your money, and not increase it. Or invest your 5k on something that will almost give you 3 times what's in your bank account. It's your choice. The challenge starts in a few days. Therefore, you might miss this opportunity if you leave this page now. The recession is already at the door. Only smart people who are prepared will make more money during the recession. Will you be part of the smart business owners?.

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